Monday, 11 January 2010

A chilly start to my new blog :)

Welcome to my new blog! I'm planning on updating this as regularly as possible with general chatter and any latest crochet projects i've been working on - I have a few things i've created in the past that I will put here too :)

Brrrr well its certainly been a chilly start to 2010!

With the most snow my children have ever seen it all started off quite exciting, however now I must admit I am bored of it, no post deliveries for nearly a week, the milkman hasn't been able to get up our street either, and its now starting to feel like the christmas break has been the longest ever! I guess we are luckier than some though, we do at least have power so musn't grumble too much!

I do actually enjoy the cold winter days indoors its just unusual to have such a long stretch of weather this cold!

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