Saturday, 22 January 2011

Give away! ~ UPDATE!!

twitter iconsOk well I certainly reached my 1000 followers on twitter target so now just waiting for 31st January to pick a winner!

Please leave a comment under this post (by clicking on the number of comments link)

I have made a note of all who already commented under my first **give away post on here**  so you do not need to comment again here!

On the 31st January I will use a random number generator to pick a winner!

Prize announced this week!

Good Luck!

Sarah x


  1. just checked and it doesn't look like I commented! Silly me. Well done on the thousand.

  2. Hi. Im a follower from Twitter. Thats how I found your blog. Happy crocheting!

  3. Hi I found your blog through Twitter. Am a total beginner when it comes to crochet but looking forward to learning :)

  4. Really enjoying finding like minded folks on twitter. Seems like I spend more time on twitter and in others blogs than sewing anymore. Gotta learn to balance, any suggestions?

  5. Sounds fab!
    Thought I had commented before but apparently not! Ooops

    @MoolBoots on twitter