Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas ~ New Year

The planning and run up to Christmastime is so much longer than the actual event. Its full of endless questions to yourself and others, of will they like that? Is that enough/too much? How many? Endless shopping lists, enough food (that you rarely eat otherwise) to feed a small community ... This year we have been much more controlled than normal though which I am pleased with, and I've been more organised than ever (for me) so everything has been good :) I even managed to crochet a few gifts which I am really pleased with!
Well since I began writing this latest blog post we've had a very poorly  household me and both my children have flu :( my other half seemed to have it coming on but so far so good. We think its Swine Flu (eek) as one of their friends was allowed out to play while getting over it!!! They came in when he told them but it seems it was already too late and within 48 hours my son started coughing and gradually got worse and its just spread.. Still at least we got through Christmas! 


When I'm better I am planning on doing a give away on my blog... anyone got any tips or advice for this please?

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