Sunday, 19 May 2013

Facebook? Anyone?

I have left and rejoined facebook more times than I care to remember, I much prefer twitter I like the interaction with people I might not yet know and building online friendships with them without the 'real life' pressures that come with people you have or do know. Does that make me sound horrible? I hope not. Am I unsociable? Online I'd say no, in 'real life' maybe so, not unfriendly though just not the most socialable :/
Anyway I am wandering off topic now... Facebook!
I have a page on there and for some reason I just can't seem to get my head around how it all works. I want to use my page as my main account on there but it seems some things I can't do when signed in as my page? I want to leave comments on other pages but can't do that either? Am I doing something wrong?
Any tips or advice would be very much appreciated!

Ooh my page is @  - Thanks (Would love some comments, hellos, and likes if possible please!)

Sarah x @loves2crochetuk


  1. Hi Sarah, ooh I didn't realise you were blogging now :)
    To comment using your Business Page you need to click on the settings button and a drop down menu will appear and then you can select your business page :)