Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A work in progress and modern technology!

My daughter is 13 loves 'Little Mix' and bows! After visiting Claires and various shops jewellery departments at the weekend (festival) I realised that she wasn't alone! We were surrounded by bows!
So I decided to go home and make some! This is what I have come up with so far (I have made several more than this :/ lol)

Now to make them into finished items! What do you think of them? :) 


I love all things technical but at times modern technology drives me insane, in the last few weeks my partner, my mum and my sons mobile phones have all lost full battery charge overnight?! never done it before and haven't done it since?! This morning my phone every time I touch the screen tells me there is an error with voice command.. I wasn't even trying to use voice command!?! Oddly I have never had a good relationship with printers but last weekend dusted ours off and voila it worked!
What modern gadget would you miss the most? My instant response to this was my phone, which for keeping in touch with my partner, family and friends quickly I would still say but on a personal level I think I'd say the pc- besides the tv this is the largest gadget we own which is kinda weird as overall the gadget world is ever trying to make things smaller and more portable, yet here I am choosing a box, big screen and endless wires! (I won't even begin moaning about wires ;) lol).
So what would you choose?

Sarah x

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