Monday, 29 July 2013

Giveaways, upcycling and thunderstorms!

Well I am just 14 followers away from doing my giveaway (See here for details) so please get your comments onto my giveaway post for your chance to enter!!

I am also holding my first ever outside giveaway from a glasses firm called Firmoo  << see for details - also very easy to enter!

Ok now onto exciting crafty things....

I am a fan of upcycling I love taking an item that has been used for one thing and using it for something else, I especially love doing this with older pieces of jewellery and buttons!
I am on an upcycling run at the moment and yesterday uploaded my first piece to be added to etsy... with a little bit of handmade from me.. What do you think?

I have also recently made and added this really pretty garland ...

I enjoyed making this from beginning to end!
I love handmade garlands of all types, think they can really add a personal touch to a party either inside or out! or a touch of prettiness to a room or even childs bedroom, you could have these hearts all done in one colour to match a room if you so wanted :)
The hearts can be slid along the cotton so you can have them as close or far apart as you need them! I also added very pretty blue buttons to each end :)

I plan to make some more of these in the near future in different colours and combinations too!

Well after a huge #heatwave lasting alot longer than I thought it would last night after a week of it being forecast we finally had a little big of heavy rain and a few rumbles of thunder! The air feels much cooler today even though it is far from cool still :)

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Hope you have a good day wherever you are!

Sarah x

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