Friday, 20 September 2013

Ages again!

Giveaway Prize

It's been over a month since I last posted!! I can't believe time goes so fast!

After a bit of a wait I finally managed to get the giveaway prize sent off to the lovely winner....@Tattooed_Mummy wanted something orange or green so I crocheted her this vibrant orange rose and added a slightly green bead to the centre!

I plan to do another giveaway leading up to christmas so watch this space!

Click on pic to take you to where you can buy it! :) 
Yesterday I made this cute pincushion
 (was so tempted to keep it myself but have resisted and put it in my #Etsy shop! :( lol.
I am going to make a range of these in different colours, plus they have given me another idea too..!

Ok I can hear the washing machine has just finished and so I need to get washing out while the sun is shining!

Bye for now!!

Sarah x

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