Monday, 17 January 2011


I  was approached by the lovely Liz @ChiqUniqueUk asking if I'd mind if she used some of my Little Valentines Hearts  to make some of her fabulous jewellery! I immediately said yes and she very quickly purchased some off me!
I was amazed at what she made with them and it was lovely to see something I'd made created into an item crafted by someone else - a real compliment!

ChiqUniqueUk Earrings :) Made using my hearts!
ChiqUniqueUk Necklace :) Made using my hearts! 

ChiqUniqueUk has a very unique style of Jewellery making each item being truly unusual and eye catching. Her shop says her handmade jewellery is inspired by life, love and everything else and that there is a little bit of her soul in every piece! I think this reflects in every item she has made, each offering a chance to be truly Chiq.. Unique!

You can find her and her great items here..
Facebook here :)
Please go check her out!!

Sarah x

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