Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Its not getting any cooler out there!

Well us Brits are always moaning about the weather and right now is certainly no different! Wow it's hot!!
A recent day out @ the beach we love :)
I love all the seasons we have in this country but seriously I would love it to gradually alter from one to the other instead of leaping from a cool (cold) spring like day straight into this 30c (ish) Our baby boy is 6 months old now and bless him he doesn't know what to do with himself in this heat :( He has enjoyed the paddling pool in the back garden though!
My partner works varying hours from week to week and this week is on days but getting in most evenings after 7pm which is great as it means we get to eat dinner all together but the fact that it is still so warm - even hot - in the evenings makes it difficult to decide what to have! Tonight we have had a lovely Mexican style dinner with chicken and tons of vegetables it was delicious! but am already wondering what meal (proper meal) but nothing too heavy we can have tomorrow?! Any ideas?

I am currently working on a new range of summer coasters hoping to finish a set tomorrow and hopefully get photos sorted (I can hardly say it's too dull at the moment! lol) then list them on etsy :)

Are you all enjoying the sunshine?

Sarah x


  1. We seem to be living on endless salads and ice lollies in this heat. It's so hard to escape isn't it? Our puppy is going demented.

  2. Yes it is, I love the summer but prefer it not quite as hot as this! I went to the Dr's today and a man collapsed in there next to me! :|
    Aah yes your poor puppy, I hope it cools (just a bit) very soon!