Friday, 12 July 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow.....

I love anything at all to do with crafting, from precious metals, gorgeous beads to the latest yarn I am working with, but more than anything I like tools I am using to inspire me to want to do/make more. My sewing basket is one of my favourite things I own, you can see the same basket here at Country Essence (mine is the green one on the left) although I didn't buy it from there my favourite local shop doesn't do online so was unable to mention them! :(
Thinking about tools others might like to use inspired me to make this latest pincushion, in a very delicate pretty range of soft cottons it will compliment any seamstresses sewing basket!

Hand crocheted using 100% cotton with 3 cute complimenting buttons sewn on the front and a sweet little made with love charm sewn on to the back.
Available now in my Etsy shop @

Sarah x

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