Wednesday, 17 July 2013

On the same page...

Bookmark Handmade by me. @loves2crochetuk
I love books, especially really old ones I have a very small collection of very old books that I love, they have moved with me every time I have changed homes since I was about 18 and even in our recent clear out of past things they have survived again!
I am also lucky enough to own a Kindle and I love reading this in bed (is handy not having to turn the pages or worry about dozing off and losing my page!) but during the day there is nothing more I like than sitting in the garden or in the winter curled up in an armchair reading a good traditional book! No matter where I am reading though I always put the book down or away convinced I will remember what page I am on! ... Yes you guessed it, I return later that day or the next and end up quickly trying to read a few pages before realising I have already read them!
I started making these bookmarks as gifts before I thought of listing them to sell and they have been well received and requested by friends as gifts too! I can make a variety of colours (just ask) but all bead decorations will vary as I have a vast collection of odd and upcycled beads most of which I am unable to buy again!


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