Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sunny days

Wow from winter to the height of summer in a matter of a few weeks!
It's not that many days since I was a little chilly at this time of day and put the heating on!! - In June -unbelievable! And now for the last week or so we have been roasting in very very warm weather! The baby monitor in our bedroom has been reading in the mid 20c's every night, so thankful we have a decent fan to hand!

Around this post are links to some of the summer inspired items I currently have for sale in my etsy shop!
Sometimes people ask me what they could use my hearts for - I know people who have bought them have used them to make jewellery with or added them to clothing and bags! What would you use them for?

This ring can be made in a range of colours!

1 of 5 different charms I have for sale .

I also have some charms for sale also inspired by summer and nautical themes! 
 Sarah x

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