Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas is coming!

I love Christmas time, I actually prefer the build up to it to anything else! Especially putting the decorations up! It's quite an event in our house, nice food and drink to hand and a barrage of Christmas songs to listen to!
I have been quite festive already with a few things I have made as you can see in my Etsy shop, with a set of 6 of these snowflakes just £3.50 +p&p
We have a really mixed array of tree decorations, since the children were small I have let them choose a new decoration to buy every year, it's lovely to look back on their choices especially as they are now teenagers, and we now have our baby son who is just 10months old so when we go decoration picking we will have to see which one he gets excited at :) We bought a small wooden baby bottle one last year as a token for bubs and I wrote the date and our nickname for him on the underneath of it :)
What's Christmas like in your house?

Sarah x

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